There were moments of unparalleled elation, and then there were tandems of split second glimpses of you, your essence crafted from a fabric of a foreign reality,
Tonight, I stand basking in the light of the same pixels which once brought me pain, unimaginably unbearable.

Tonight, I feel no pain,

Tonight, you’re a distant memory of an eroded lifetime; that which now rots in the deepest depths of forgotten catacombs built for such entities of the subconscious.

A spectre is all that remains of you,

I reckon it still carries a fragment of me I had lost, I possess no desire for its presence to fill the void.

You were that welcome calamity, that pleasurable pain, that which ripped open an emptiness as such.

It ate away all that I ever felt and would’ve felt.

Tonight, I walk into the dark,

For tonight, I am the void.

– Shunya