Time and again I ask myself. This life that I live, this series of long days and cold nights. What purpose is it, that I’m living for?

Ask this to people you meet on the street, they’ll give you clichéd, played out answers. “Look at the bigger picture.”, They say. Why should I? Isn’t life supposed to be all about the little things? Isn’t life supposed to be all about the journey and not about the outcome? 

“It’s all about a brighter future”, they say. Give me a break. I’ve been told this ever since I had developed a faint, albeit flawed, concept of life that the world programs your mind to accept.

They paint a utopian picture, a fresco of the grand stories that you shall have to live through, a portrait of the ideal human you shall become and innumerable sketches of everlasting happiness that lies ahead.

Give. Me. A. Break.

All I’ve come across are myths. Lies. Scams.

I’m here torn between love lives ranging from the ‘one sided’ to ‘non existent’. Love is just glorified lust. Many would disagree. I care not what you think. I’m just painting the world I see through my unbiased eyes.

Love at first sight, heh. Infatuation is what I call it. When you truly love (and I use the term loosely), when you’re ready to sacrifice all that you are and all that you own, the world turns a blind eye. So what’s wrong if I turn one on the world? 

I might come off as a scorned, unloved, inexperienced, introvert who has never really made an effort to reach out. I care very little of what opinion(s) you have, had or will have of me. But just for the unnecessary sake of justification, for I have the time to spare, let me tell you that it’s easy to form an opinion as so without walking the mile in my proverbial shoes. 

Love is blind and so is the world. We ignorantly explain what we cannot understand, we live a life that carries no purpose by blinding ourselves with grand delusions. It’s a hard thing to accept, but accept, we do, at a time too late. At a point too far to come back from. In a situation too morbid to face the truth any longer. So we choose to indulge in keeping the blindfold in place and count our breaths. Comically, hoping for a better afterlife.