They ask me questions which beg for answers imperceivable from their respective perspectives. How do they expect me to respond under a circumstance such as this?
I speak, yet I don’t. For I talk and think in cryptic. It grants me freedom, though of a spectral quality. 

This cabalistic persona is repulsive to them and this repulsion is not a fault but a defence mechanism. To avoid the terra incognita, to avoid the unpredictable, this is human nature.

For the unfortunate few, the nihilistic attitude is appealing. Because it gives them the one thing they desire after years of exhausting and torturous exchanges and fruitless pursuits-inner peace. It gives us comfort, it teaches us that it’s okay to be incompetent, that it’s okay to be imperfect, and it shows us that a part of our hopes, expectations and optimistic thinking contributes to the necrosis of the mind and a distorted view of reality.